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KwikChange Inside Corner Sander

Inside Corner Sander

Our patented 90 degree inside, and pole attachment.

The Hook & Loop based hand sander allows the sand paper to be affixed to the pad without needing
a clip or wing nut and clamp.

Corner SanderWhy our sanders are better

The conventional corner sander is an exact 90° angle on its full length. Since walls are never a perfect 90° from top to bottom, this design doesn’t fit the corner and can damage drywall tape, sand more mud off than needed, leaving an uneven surface or demarcation on the wall. You virtually have to sand one side and then the other.

These unique Patented sanders with TAPEGUARD Technology allows uniform sanding of both sides at the same time without damaging the tape and doing the job in 1/3 the time. Ingersoll’s corner sanders are designed with a unique patented, progressive tapered angle that hugs both side surfaces evenly at the same time without binding and scarring the drywall mud. This gives you an even sanding surface and protects the drywall tape.

No matter how irregular the corner is, our sander fits like a glove and sands evenly.

Accessories include:

Snap-in Bullnose Attachments

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